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Download these kits, print them using a color printer and post on your bulletin board!  These kits come zipped (or in a compressed folder) so you will need a program to unzip or expand them.  These kits are available only as digital file downloads.  You will not receive physical product.  Need help?  Learn more here.

  Ending on a Positive Note
Catch These Hits $5.99 Ending on a Positive Note    $5.99
Play Ball!  This bulletin board kit combines a baseball theme with the names of composers and their famous works.  Each glove contains a popular tune from composers such as Haydn, Rossini, Sousa and so on.  Composer names are on the baseballs.  There are 14 sets of composers and songs.  The photo above shows only a portion of the kit.  In addition to the gloves the kit includes the title letters (they fit on a standard sheet of paper), extra blank baseballs and eighth notes that use baseballs instead of traditional note heads.  This bulletin board kit could be used as a center in your music classroom in which students match composers to their famous tunes.   This download contains files in PDF form and in Microsoft Word (created with Word 2003).
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The end of the year is near!  Use this clever bulletin board to count down the days.  The kit contains 25 notes in two styles.  The photo above shows a partial kit.  The notes appear like they do in the photo with a number a saying like �Keep it up! 16 days of school left!� or �Only 21 days until summer break!�  About half of the notes also include a little graphic to add interest and color.  The second set of notes looks exactly like the others but the flag of the eighth note has a white or light colored box so that you can write the date on the note.  For example if May 26th marked 5 days of school left, you would write �May 26th� on that note.  The notes are about 7 inches tall.  Title letters are not included in this kit.  This kit contains zipped files in PDF format.

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Top O' the Treble to You!  $5.99 Bloomin' Key Signatures    $5.99
This bulletin board kit contains 11 shamrocks.  Partial kit shown above.  Each shamrock contains a note on the treble clef staff and is is about 10 inches tall.  The pitches range from middle C to the F on the top line of the staff.  Also included is a staff that names the lines and spaces and optional title letters.  This kit contains PDF files.
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This bulletin board kit contains 15 flower pots with each key signature and 15 coordinating flowers.  The photo above shows a partial kit.  Title letters are not included in this kit.  These files are in PDF format.  This display could stay up all year or be introduced in spring when everything starts blooming outside.
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  Kites Word Family Kit
Rock the Test     $5.99  Kites Word Families    $5.99
State testing can be a drag, but not with this groovy bulletin board kit!  This kit contains 8 tips for test taking with a musical twist.  "TUNE UP your body and brain by eating a good breakfast every morning." and "DRUM up confidence with positive thinking." are just a few of the punny suggestions.  Title letters and a title sheet are included with this kit.  The files are in PDF format. 
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Think of it as a breezy little word wall for your music room!  This kit includes six kites:  Melody, Dynamics, Form, Expression, Rhythm and Tempo.  Each kite has 8 coordinating words for each category in the shape of kite tails.  A partial kit is shown above.  This kit does not include title letters.  The files are zipped in PDF format.
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Song Bugs Group  
Song Bugs (Ensemble Groupings)   $5.99  
This kit contains 8 colorful bug jars. Each jar contains a grouping word like "solo", "trio" or "octet" with a coordinating number of "song bugs" in each with music notes around them. This kit would be great for a spring or summer bulletin board display but would be a great resource to leave up all year.
This kit includes a set of jars with a black and white polka dot border and set without. A title sheet is included. Groupings included are solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet and octet.
Consider using these cards for creating cooperative learning groups. Hold up a trio card and instruct students to make trios or groups of three. Hold up the quartet card and have students make groups of four.

This kit comes as PDF files in a zipped/compressed folder.





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