SAIL Into Music
(submitted by Chandra)

  At my school, the special area classes are called SAIL classes and for the life
of me, I can't remember what it stands for, something about Intergrated
Learning (boy, that's awful isn't it?).

Anyway, I think that I'll have ocean/beach/lighthouse theme this year. 

My outside bulletin board will say (beginning of year)  SAIL into
Music...catch the tide.  The word SAIL is printed out with one letter it's own sailboat.  Below, I
found clipart of a circle with a tide in it and I'll put the different elements of music on them:  rhythm, melody, form...etc.

On my board at the front of the classroom, where I have the solfege syllables and hand signs, I'll use different die-cuts and put the syllables on it with some "beachy" phrase.  I know that we have sailboat cutouts and
shells.  Otherwise, I'll get some designs from the cute notepads from a teacher store..

For my "behavior wall."  I have "Shell we have a great year?"  My "expectations" will be printed out on shells.

In the back of the room, I want to have a reading corner.  I'm thinking about getting a very large tropical plant, with a beach chair, perhaps a pail of stand with a beach umbrella.  I already have the cutest circular rug
with fish on it.

Other decorations will include beach balls, Oriental trading has all kinds of stuff for a luau.  I'm thinking about having beach towels for the children to relax on when listening to a book or watching a video.



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