Music is a Treat

The ice cream bulletin board "Music is a Treat" has the music curriculum elements on each scoop.  Our state curriculum mirrors the National Standards in music.  I distilled the wording of each "strand" of the curriculum so it would fit on a single scoop and be
understood by children.  I printed it from Microsoft WORD in Arial Bold font formatted to give a slight shadow to each letter, so it would look slightly dimensional.  Then I printed it onto colored construction paper in our school's copying machine.  You can also buy colored cardstock and print the scoops on those.  Another possible caption is "Get the Scoop in Music" 

I was inspired by Meredith's idea and created a printable version of this bulletin board that you can download.  Get the downloads on the Printables page.


music_is_a_treat_sample.jpg (268132 bytes)

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submitted by Meredith

submitted by Debbie Harris


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