Healthy Teeth

I was asked to teach some of the lower grades some songs about dental health. I found a couple of songs to use and decided that if it was going to be necessary to teach the topic then there must be a bulletin board to go with it! This smiling tooth is a graphic from Print Shop. I have several different smiling teeth that I may use this year. The smaller teeth on the staff can contain names of songs about dental health, tips for healthy teeth, song titles about smiling and grins, note names (of whatever line or space they are sitting on) or funny titles like Cathy Crest, Marvin Mentodent, Colleen Colgate and so on.

You may want to laminate the smaller teeth and use a dry erase marker on them. With a nice lamination job, you can reuse the teeth and label them differently for years. (Applause! Applause! For anything that saves us time!)


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