Famous Fathers

Father of the Blues - William C. Handy

Father of Country Music - Jimmie Rodgers

Father of Folk Rock - Bob Dylan

Father of Gospel Music - Thomas A. Dorsey

Father of Rock and Roll - Bill Haley

Father of Soul - Ray Charles

There are several ways to do this bulletin board. The first way is to use various "fatherly" type faces from clip art books, programs or magazines and several babies the same way. You could then label the fathers with the name of the performer and the babies as Soul, Folk Rock, etc..

Another way to do this bulletin board is to make several bold neck ties. Label each of the ties a different genre and try to decorate so that they reflect the music they are labeled with. For example the country tie could have horses, ropes, boots and so on while the gospel music one had a church, bible, singers raising their hands, etc... Under neath each of the ties cut a tie in the same shape but in a solid color. On this tie write the name of the performer. Staple the ties to the board so that the students must pick up the top tie to find out the answer. Students at my school were using the phrase "Who's your daddy?" to show that they had accomplished something difficult or out done one of their peers so I might use that as a title just to get their attention.

For those of you who are technologically creative you could take a photo of your baby (click here to see my adorable baby) and place your baby's head on the body of rock stars, country stars, etc... with the help of a program like Print Shop, Print Master, Adobe or whatever.

Use the same graphic of a baby wearing a diaper to make 6 or 8 identical babies. Color their hair different colors and label them Soul, Rock, Gospel, etc.... On the other side of the board create diapers or diaper bags with the name of the father on them. You could do something similiar with babies in their hospital cribs and label them as Name: Rock and Roll, Father: Bill Haley. (I'm not sure where to find a graphic for this, but maybe you aspiring artists could draw one.)


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