Cowboy/Western Themed Bulletin Boards

Don't Get Booted

I have three basic rules in my classroom.  This board was created to coordinate with a western theme and is pretty self explanatory.  :-)

Learn the Ropes

To make this rootin' tootin' board even more spectacular use REAL rope to make the letters and the lines of the staff.  Add notes on them or add the letter names of the lines and spaces to the side.  This board could be left up all year.

Add interest by using red handkercheifs as a border or maybe even more rope and a pair of leather work gloves.

learn the ropes.jpg (45975 bytes)

ridingtheranges.jpg (34225 bytes)

Riding the Ranges

(inspired by Wynne)

A simple board to coordinate with your western theme.  Create a grand staff and place 4 horses (printed from your favorite desktop publishing program) with the labels "bass", "tenor", "alto" and "soprano".  Place them in the appropriate spaces add add the heading and subheading.

To add interest you could add paper horseshoes, rope, bandanas, etc... for a border.

cowboyrules.jpg (34494 bytes)

Cowboy Rules

As part of my Cowboy Corner outside of my main classroom door I posted my classroom  rules.  I printed them using a barbed wire font and then used an ink pad, some yellow chalk to accent the torn and wrinkled papers.  Brass paper fasteners added a little shine.

haveyouherd.jpg (49647 bytes)

Have You Herd These Cowboy Songs?

I used construction paper to create the fence.  Each cactus was cut freestyle from green construction paper and each bore the name of a cowboy song.  The cows were made from a pattern in a bulletin board book.  I decorated them with facial hair, glasses, lipstick, etc...

yeehawharmonyranch.jpg (18199 bytes)

 This was the large wall display of the Cowboy Corner outside of my room.  The wagons along the trail have the name of each of my classes.  The signs read "YEEHAW Welcome to Harmony Ranch"

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