Themes:  Welcome Back to School!

Kick-Off the New Year

All right football fans...this ones for you!  Use green bulletin board paper for your background.  Add lines and even the numbers on the field with white chalk (fast and easy!).  Print out the footballs (see PRINTABLES page) and helmets and staple them randomly on the board.  Voila!  Fast!



This bulletin board is a cute way to welcome students and to have a visual aid posted to review note values and names.  Instead of just putting a picture of the note up I would suggest adding its name below it or maybe throw in a couple of easy rhythms. 

The sheep could be printed from a desktop publishing program, drawn with markers or chalk or made with lots and lots of cotton balls.  :-)

Welcome Bach Bach Bach Bach Bach

Yeah, but its a little funny!  This is a printable bulletin board.  Go to the Printables page to print the Bach Chicken.

welcomeBACHexample.jpg (22063 bytes)  See another version sent in by Mary Ann!

welcomebachbachbachbach2.JPG (39035 bytes)  See yet another version posted by Tracy (that's me!)

Welcome Bach!

This bulletin board would be a great way to start the year or a new semester. A picture of J.S. Bach goes in the middle of the board and facts about his life or perhaps a time line of his life goes around the picture or below it. The picture shows a small bulletin board.  I just kinda crammed everything on there!  :-)


Welcome Back!

This bulletin board could be done in a variety of ways with a variety of graphics and is splendid for the first bulletin board of the year. It is composed of song titles that have the word "back" in them. You could display these titles on records or CDs, on various back to school supplies (like pencils, erasers, etc.... These are easy to draw and cut out!), or if your creative display them as items in the back of a pick-up truck or maybe on the back of an animal. (gotta be careful with that last one!). The following song titles were a compilation of ideas from my buddies on the Music K-8 mailing list.

Back in the USSR (Beatles), Baby Come Back, Get Back (Beatles), Welcome Back (from Sept 1998 Music 4-8), Back in the USSR, My Aunt Came Back, Back in my Life Again, Take 'Em Back (from Rocky ?), Back in your own Backyard, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, Back Home Again in Indiana, Back to the Future, Ack-a-back-a-ack-a-back-a-ack-a-back-a said the monkey to the chimp!, The Boys are Back in Town, Back in my Life Again (Carpenters Song), How about "Back in Time?", I'm Back in the Saddle Again, Jump Back Josey, I'm Goin' Back, Whoa Back Buck, I Want My Baby Back , Backfield in Motion (Smokey Robinson), Lookin' Out My Backdoor (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Back in the USA (Chuck Berry), My Boyfriends Back, and more!!!!


Jump Into Music
(submitted by Kate)

This is a bulletin board that I used at the start of the school year, but it could be used in January to commemorate the new year as well. I covered the board in green and used a music-related border, and drew a frog outline on green tagboard to staple to the board. The eyes of the frog are old CDs (you could use those AOL ones everybody continually gets in the mail, or CDs you try to burn on your computer that get messed up somehow). The tongue is made out of red ribbon (the kind with slim wires built into the sides). Simple board that gets lots of looks and compliments from kids and staff alike!

Blast Off to a Great New Year

(submitted by Lauren)

I used a picture of the Space Shuttle in the middle with the heading "Blast off to a Great New Year." Stars surround the shuttle. On each star is a reminder on good singing technique (sit straight, light tone, breathe low, etc.). It was a good bulletin board for the beginning of the year and the beginning of choir!

Welcome to Class

So you need a super fast bulletin board (we're talking 5 minutes here)?  Add music notes to any color background and bordered bulletin board.  You probably have some notes in your filing cabinet that will work but if not use markers, paint or chalk to draw some all over.  Add the heading with precut letters or print it from any word processing program.  Deedah!  Super fast (and super sassy) bulletin board!


Back to School Blessings


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